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Watch the replay to learn how x-ray-based planning, anatomical models, and patient-specific surgical guides and implants offer specific benefits to you, and your patients, in complex cases.


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OrthoView Planning for Hip Procedures   


OrthoView digital templating software includes specialized planning tools and wizards for hip procedures.

OrthoView software makes planning for hip procedures simple. Identify the prosthesis size, offset, neck cut and cup inclination with just a few clicks of the mouse. Compare alternative solutions within the same plan and achieve precise template positioning with SmartZoom. Save the plan back to PACS, transfer the plan to another OrthoView user or print the report.




Materialise 3D Planning & Guides for Hip Procedures


A patient-specific solution offers the ability to address complex hip revision challenges, such as severe bone loss and previous revisions. The aMace® acetabular revision system from Materialise comprises a variety of completely personalized implants which allow for full restoration in terms of anatomy, stability and mobility in any acetabular revision or reconstruction.


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