PSL-logoAvailable to download from the Internet, OrthoView PSL is a new way to access the digital templating solution already used by over 5,000 surgeons in the U.S., and start creating detailed pre-operative plans with digital x-ray images.

OrthoView PSL (Private Subscription License) is designed for individual orthopaedic surgeons in private practice. Currently only available in the U.S., OrthoView PSL allows customers to choose a convenient, affordable subscription payment plan to suit them, starting from just one month.

All that is required to get started with OrthoView PSL is a Windows-based laptop or PC with a broadband Internet connection. 

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OrthoView enables pre-operative planning with digital images for joint replacement and fracture management procedures, limb deformity correction, and pediatric and spinal assessment. The OrthoView digital template library contains more than 160,000 orthopaedic templates from over 60 manufacturers. 

Using OrthoView PSL

Availability: OrthoView PSL is available to orthopaedic surgeons in the U.S. All you need to get started is a Windows-based laptop or PC with a broadband Internet connection.

Template Access: OrthoView PSL users have access to the full range of over 160,000 digital templates in the OrthoView digital template library, developed in conjunction with over 60 manufacturers.

Image Access: OrthoView PSL can access digital images stored on a DICOM CD or a local file on a laptop or PC. Note: PACS connectivity is not available with OrthoView PSL.

Pre-operative Plan Access: Completed pre-operative plans are stored locally on your laptop and can be printed.

Pricing: OrthoView PSL subscription options start from one month. For more information on OrthoView PSL pricing and subscription plans, simply register you details using the form opposite.

Training: OrthoView PSL account holders are provided with access to OrthoView’s training materials, including video tutorials and training guides. The software also provides a comprehensive, step-by-step Help menu for each procedure, SmartHelp.

Multi-User licensing options: OrthoView PSL is the quickest and easiest way for individual orthopaedic surgeons in private practice to access OrthoView’s digital templating software. For hospitals and multi-surgeon practices, multi-user licensing options which offer PACS connectivity are more suitable. To explore the full range of licensing and payment options, please contact an OrthoView representative.

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